Tire Prices Skyrocketing

Joe Klonoski, Discount Tire Center
Joe Klonoski, Discount Tire Center
Eddie Wynn, Texas Tire & Lube
Eddie Wynn, Texas Tire & Lube

Surging oil prices aren't just hitting drivers at the pump, they'll also effect you the next time you go to the tire shop. Experts tell me when it comes to keeping tire costs down, it's all about maintenance.

When purchasing tires, consumers are paying about a 100 dollars more for a set of four. But you can get the most bang for your buck if you take care of them.

"Rotation every 6 to 8 thousand miles will definitely make them last longer. Just everyday maintenance." said Tire Expert, Joe Klonoski.

In addition to maintenance, there is one thing you can do to save money and fuel.

Eddie Wynn of Texas Tire & Lube says "The number one thing is to air the tires up. To make sure your tires have enough air. A low tire makes the tire run hot does more damage to the car and, take more to fuel to pull the car on low tires, air those tires up."

Tire dealers say they are seeing a lot more demand for used tires and tire repairs because of the high costs, but Wynn says that's not always the best way to go.

"Now people are willing to buy anything that has enough tread on it to run. Don't hurt your kid or someone else's family because you didn't keep your car maintained."

And if you really need to save money, klonoski says you need to look at the bigger picture.

"Don't necessarily buy the least expensive because long term wise it could cost you more. If you buy an inexpensive tire that could only last a year and say you can spend a 100 dollars another hundred dollars on something that can last three years long term wise it's going to be better for you."