Neighbors Upset About House They Say Has Drugs Inside

Neighbors are desperate for the city to get rid of a house they say provides a haven for prostitutes and drug users.

Neighbors say this is an issue they have been dealing with for more than a year. They want the house gone because they say it is a danger not only to them, but to the children who attend school nearby.

Just across the street from Amarillo's Forest Hill Elementary School, at 817 N. Apache, is the house neighbors say is not only an eyesore, but a safe house for drug addicts and prostitutes who constantly come and go.

Neighbors contacted the city's building safety department, which began an investigation in January and has since condemned the property.

Now it is up to the City Commission to decide its fate. Howard Bilderback from the city says, "in the condition it's in, I feel certain they will order it demolished."

In the last month, Amarillo police say they have had a few calls out to the house, as well as an arrest for trespassing.