Wind Farms On The Horizon

A new plan to bring power lines to the region is going to bring an increase in wind farms.

There's already a 600 mega watt capacity from wind power in the panhandle. To put that in perspective one mega watt can power about 700 homes. But there's about to be a whole lot more.

Wind turbines like these are going to be popping up more around the panhandle because of a 6.4 billion dollar plan by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to build transmission lines across the state.

The plan is to harvest wind energy in the panhandle and send it back to the more populated portions of the state should prove to be beneficial for much of the region.

"If these lines are built there's going to be an explosion of wind facility development," said Wes Reeves, Xcel Spokesman.

Many experts predict the region will produce up to an additional 10 thousand mega watts of power.

"For every one turbine you see in the panhandle, invision 12 more that's gonna be a good ratio," said Ken Starcher, Director of Alternative Energy at West Texas A&M.

This is all three to five years away. One wind energy expert said this is like the Alaskan pipeline of our generation, meaning the panhandle is going to give substantial power to the rest of the state for a long time to come.