PBA Rolls into Borger

It is a crowd residents are not used to seeing.

The city of Borger welcomed the professional bowler's association this weekend.

There were over 70 participants at the Wildcatters bowling alley this weekend competing in the PBA's Southwest Region Texas Panhandle Open.

An event this large brings more than just athletes, it brings fans also.

The PBA's southwest region covers six states.

That means semi-pro bowlers from all over have come to Borger.

"It's a big opportunity to bring in a lot of people and show the new facility we have here and the other facilities of other benefits of the city of borger," said Garrett Spradling, Borger Mayor Pro-Tem.

Many people around town we spoke with said the tournament has brought people to borger on a weekend. A time the town isn't used to having visitors.

The hotels say they aren't used to having little or no vacancy on weekends.

" We're normally not very busy on the weekend, but with the PBA coming in they filled us up about 75 percent," said Gina Greene, Supervisor at the Americ Inn.

"I know of at least 2 hotels that are completely sold out... and a lot of people from really a pretty good distance away. We have people from Amarillo who chose to stay in Borger to make a weekend out of it," said Spradling.

The mayor also told us this is the biggest event they've ever had in Borger.

The tournament wraps up tomorrow but it's an event that city officials say they want to bring back next year.