Scared to Use a Defibrillator? Don't Be.

Despite being almost everywhere, people still appear to be afraid to use defibrillators. That is according to National Institutes of Health.

When Sgt. Troy Ducheneaux was dispatched to a softball game where a 16 year old had collapsed, he saved the boy's life within five minutes.

With a defibrillator Sgt. Ducheneaux had in his patrol car, he delivered one shock. He says, "what he had was a lethal heart rhythm, and it would not have reset without the defibrillator."

Ducheneaux says it was a team effort.  He says, "the fireman on scene, the doctor, they all did what I did. I'm not a hero, I just did my job."

The Red Cross believes more defibrillators will be installed, and more lives can be saved.

What many people don't realize is that the machine walks you through the process. First it tells you where to put the pads on the patient, then whether or not to deliver a shock, then to push the shock button.

Because he knew how to use one, Sgt. Ducheneaux and three others will be honored by the City of Canyon.