Rumors Fly About Possible School Shooting

Caprock High School Principal Christina Ritter
Caprock High School Principal Christina Ritter

Rumors of a gang related shooting had many Caprock High School parents and students worried today.

The rumors are not true but the school heightened security and alerted parents by phone.

School Principal Christina Ritter tells me the administration was aware of the school shooting rumors before class started at 8 this morning.

But when school started students started talking and texting their friends and that is when the rumors got out of control.

By fifth period one student says most of her friends were gone and that is when she really started to get scared.

Julia Contreras says, "At first I was like, it can't really happen you know, but then I kept hearing more people talk about it and the more I heard about it I got more scared."

Although she knows they are rumors one parent says in this day and age it would not surprise her if something violent happened at school.

Lupe Zubia who took her nineth grade son out of school says,"With all the stuff that's happening throughout the country.... Parent's send their kids to school thinking they will be safe and the next thing you know you get a call saying your son or daughter has been shot."

Ritter assures parents they will receive the best information by contacting them directly.

She says, "I think that's what parents need is to come up to the school or to make a phone call to get the correct information and not to base a decision based on rumors.

Caprock High school says they do not have an estimate of the number of absences today.

This afternoon we saw many concerned parents leaving with their children and students say classes were only about half full by the end of the day.