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What Assault Does to a Child

Dr. Son Vi Nguyen Dr. Son Vi Nguyen
Danielle Livermore Danielle Livermore

A sexual abuse victim often times grows up to be a sexual abuser. We are told those kinds of incidents are increasing every year, creating more victims and shattering lives.

One local doctor says the main issues deal with fear and trust.  The fear of a repeat incident can last forever, and the hope of trusting anyone again is often shattered. Dr. Son Vi Nguyen says "any hope they have of trusting anyone is damaged or destroyed."

In some cases, the victim becomes an abuser. Dr. Nguyen says, "he grows up to be a sexual predator because it is how he grew up."

One sexual assault nurse says she hears horror stories, mostly from children under the age of 12, detailing their assault. Danielle Livermore says, "it's occuring in the home. It could be by fathers, grandfathers, even a mother."

Sometimes it starts with just a simple touch. Livermore says, "it could be something as benign as touching but that's grooming for intercourse."

Livermore says coming forward to get an exam and reporting the abuse are the best things the parent can do for a child.

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