Local Dropout Rates

AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder
AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder
Canyon High School Principal Shawn Neely
Canyon High School Principal Shawn Neely

Drop out rates among high school students continue to rise in Amarillo. 
There's growing concern over the number of high school students not receiving their diploma.
Currently, nine out of a hundred local students drop out their last year of high school. It's one thing no school official wants to hear... drop out rates are on the rise.

"I think a lot of students who end up dropping out just don't see the value of high school diploma or education," says AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder.

Local administrators continue working to curb the drop out trend.

"You want to see every student walk across that stage. It breaks my heart," says Canyon High School Principal Shawn Neely.

They're trying to change things with mentors, counselors and the courts... making sure these students reach their graduation goal.

"Relationships is really key. So trying to establish a relationship is very very important," said Schroder.

"Nothing beats having a kid comeback a year late...2 to 3 years later. Come up to you and tell you thank you," said Neely.

Now another comparison does show graduation rates are up in Amarillo. We are actually higher then the rest of the state in graduating students.