New Special Operation Division for Potter County

Sheriff Mike Shumate
Sheriff Mike Shumate
Lt. Charlie Johnson
Lt. Charlie Johnson

More Potter County Deputies are on the streets specifically tracking felons.

Starting this month the department's Narcotics Team and Warrants Unit have combined and doubled in manpower.

The new team is now able to do more tracking and undercover work to find felons who they say are the most dangerous.

A deputy says, "We're trying to track out people down that are up to no good, that we hear are up to no good or follow up on the tips that we got to take care of the problem before it becomes a really really big problem."

Team members say they plan to have felons behind bars more efficiently than before.

Another deputy who works mostly in narcotics says, "Oh, I'm excited we're getting alot more done in alot less time."

Sheriff Mike Shumate says, "These people we're after are thinking they got away with it again, that's who we want. They prey on you."

While those who commit misdemeanors will still be sought, the population of the jail is expected to shift to holding more felons.

Lt. Charlie Johnson says, "I expect the jails to house the people that need to be housed and this way they won't fill up with misdemeanor, mental patients and everything else."

The Special Operations Division is still in its trial stages. It will not be a permanent part of the Potter County Sheriff's Department until it proves to be successful.