The Amarillo Pole Man

Thomas Barr
Thomas Barr

He's been living 70 feet above ground for 12 days and won't come down until April 21st.

He says nearly 50 years of sibling rivalry is what drove him up the pole.

"It started out as a silly sibling rivalry bet and now it's turned into something positive not only for Amarillo but also a national state because it's certainly desperately needed," said Thomas Barr, the pole man.

The pole man wants to bring awareness to charities close to his heart. The loser of the bet has to pay $5000 to those charities.

"We talked about that because we want them all to be good so the Ronald McDonald house was one of the first things we came up with and then the National Family Care Givers Association is right up there too," Chris Barr said.

The Amarillo Ronald McDonald House is thrilled to be on the pole man's short list of charities.

"Well it raises awareness for the Ronald McDonald house and what we do for families who bring their children to Amarillo for medical treatment," said Jan Reid, Chairman of the Amarillo Ronald McDonald house.

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