Truckers Begin Strike

Jess Harkins
Jess Harkins
Marty Neely
Marty Neely

Some truckers throughout Amarillo and Texas shut down today. 
Jones & Sons, a local trucking company says he shut down because the price of diesel fuel is out of hand. He also says while he doesn't see a one day strike bringing down the cost of fuel, he thinks it will have an impact. 

"Some people didn't get their groceries today, fuel and all the other things that truck carry throughout the nation, so it has a little impact. Like I said, we'll see a little bit today." 

Other drivers say it's a little soon to tell if the strike is having an impact because it may take a few days before anyone notices a shortage of products. 
While some chose to shut down and park or make their statements on the side of the road, others did  not participate.

Jess Harkins says, "two reasons, one is we have freight that decent enough price to haul and the other reason, we're a long way from home."
But most say they are not receiving decent freight prices, and there are to many taxes and regulations to go on. Other drivers said the strike was not well organized and they weren't sure it would bring down diesel fuel prices, and frankly they couldn't afford to lose the money.

Marty Neely says "this strike is useless because until drivers pull up to these fuel islands and lock them down, until the police and tow drivers come out and make that driver move and then the next drivers do the same thing."

Those who did shut down were disappointed because they say the only way to be truly effective is to band together. There are rumors the strike may go on. Story developing...