What Does Bell's Contract Mean For You?

Bob Leder, Bell Helicopter
Bob Leder, Bell Helicopter

It is a deal that could save American taxpayers more than 400 million dollars. Bell Helicopter announced last week it is receiving $10.4 billion from the federal government.

Bell's contract is for five years, in which time Bell will complete assembly 167 V-22 Osprey aircraft at the facility in Amarillo.

We are told this deal, among other things, offers workforce stability to those already employed at bell. It also will allow bell to order parts in advance when before it was not always that simple. Bob Leder says, "up until now we've gone year to year, so we weren't always sure what the production load would be."

That increased production efficiency in turn affects cost efficiency, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. Leder says, "it will save taxpayers 427 million dollars. That itself can buy 5 V-22s."

We are told each V-22 takes about 50 million dollars to build. Right now, 12 of those V-22s are in combat in Iraq.