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The FIRST Viewer Opinions are posted.

This is your chance to voice your opinion about anything in the community. We are now offering you a voice on your favorite website.

NewsChannel is expanding and allowing a full section to be dedicated to Viewer Opinion. It is time that you have a space and a voice.

NewsChannel 10 will have a review committee that screens the written articles and that will make the ultimate decision on postings. Our goal is to post 3-5 opinions every Wednesday morning. So, if you have an opinion on a topic of your own or on a published opinion. Please write us. Put your info in the section below and write us your opinion, email your opinion to with all the proper information or post your thoughts in the NewsChannel 10 Message Boards. (Click Here to enter the Message Boards)

We have made it easy to email or you can write it out and mail it to us as well.

We appreciate the spirited remarks that will be made in this "Viewer Opinion" section and encourage people to use fair etiquette and general good will upon submitting their articles for consideration.

Thanks for your thoughts and efforts to make our communities a better place to live.