ADVO Company Music Benefit

A devastating fire took everything they had. But tonight music changes the lives of those involved with the advo company.

Advo, the company that helps developmentally disabled members of our community, is finally hearing the music again today.

Iron monkey, today's festival in Sam Houston park raised money to get the organization back up and doing what they do best.

For those who rely on Advo - they say they expect the company to return bigger and better than ever.

"We need a building so we can get along what we are suppose to do, what we need to do, so we can do what we have to do," said Brice Bivens.

"It's a wonderful place to be at, it's very lovable, you have a bunch of, it's mainly like my family you know, it's my family," Amanda Ortiz said.

"Having something to work into, something bigger and better," said Tommy German.

Those are the hopes of the event organizer too. Just a local high school kid trying to make a difference.

"Hopefully all the proceeds will help them get back to where they were before the fire," Tim Natividad said. "Before the event we had made just about 500 dollars just from the t-shirts. I think today we are trying to get to 2,000 if we can."

Help that touches those who know just how much good the money raised today will do.

Sharon Wynn said, "I love them all. It is so great that everybody showed up, it's awesome."

If you want to help them, they have set up a fund at Amarillo National Bank under Advo Fire Relief Fund.

Or you can call 342-0600 to donate.