Water Conserving Soil

You may not even know this product exists. But it can help save our water supply and let you spend less time gardening.

Moisture max and moisture control potting soils are only at a few garden centers around town, but this new formula of soil can help your garden in several ways.

"There's a lot of benefits. It's good for moisture retention. It's also extremely good because its got a high percentage of fertilizer in it and its a good basic blend of natural fertilizers," said Tim Wilson a live nursery specialist.

Along with helping your plants grow it can keep your water bill low.

"The moisture control will save you about 25 percent the water you normally put on one," Wilson said.

The soil has a special gel allowing water to be retained and released later so the plant doesn't need to be watered as often.

"People are beginning to get more water conscious and water wise especially on indoor plants where they don't have a lot of time to water like they should." said Wilson.

There is one drawback.

We've been told it doesn't work well in flower beds or spread out in lawns.

It's most effective with pots and indoor plants.

But there is no limits to what types of plants can be used with the soil.