Breast Augmentation Increase Among Local Teens

Teens in the Panhandle are making radical changes to gain self confidence.

According to a local plastic surgeon the number of local teens turning to breast augmentation surgery to get a curvier figure is steadily increasing.

Newschannel 10 spoke with one 18-year-old says a breast augmentation will make her a happier person.

Kirsten Tye says she has been thinking about getting breast implants for over a year.

She just graduated from high school two weeks ago but tye says she is ready to make this adult decision.

Tye says she has been saving for her surgery for months and is ready to make the sacrifices she needs.

"She says, I think it will also teach meto be responsible, if I really want something I'm gonna have to sacrifice other stuff."

And she says the number one reason for surgery is to feel more secure about her body.

"I wanna be able to be more confident and I wanna be that girl that's, you know, hot I guess. Every woman in my family has DD so they look at me like kirsten what's going on."

Her surgeon tells me he believes TV is one of the biggest reasons for an increasing number of surgeries.

Dr. Rouzbeh Kordestani says, "Know what you see on TV, nip tuck doesn't really work. What we say is these are the risks these are the benefits, please understand it, go home."

He says there are many risks associated with breast augmentations. "The most common risks acutely that means in the first 24-48 hours are bleeding, infection and specifically anethestic shock.

Dr. Kordestani says the recent death of a florida teenager is a reminder that although they can be rare, risks are very real and patients need to do their own research.