More People In Need of Food Banks

Finding it harder to fill your shopping cart? You are not the only one. The High Plains Food Bank is seeing emptier shelves this year.

Newschannel 10 spoke to local residents who are in a crunch and turning to local food banks for help.

Employees at the High Plains Food Bank say it is harder to supply food for its several food programs because of an increase in cost and the number of people in need. And they say those people are coming from all walks of life.

Yuneisy Vivar translates for Delay Hernandez,"Well if she had money she'd probably be in the store buying stuff, but since she doesn't have enough because prices are going high she comes here."

It is Hernandez's first visit to the Washington Street Food Bank and she is not alone.

Charles Eddings who has also just started using the program for help is now encouraging his friends who are also in need to stop by.

He says, "They used to not have to come either, but things are getting tough."

a local director who receives donations from the High Plains Food Bank says he saw over 2,000 more people walk through his doors in 2007 than in 2006.

Dennis Westover says, "We continue to see an increase in number the year before last we had 19,000 people and last year 21,600. So that speaks for itself."

And the increase has the High Plains Food Bank distributors worried.

Zack Wilson says, "We are hoping that the money the funds, everything we need will come through because we're not planning to cut back on anything.

Wilson says one of the hardest programs hit by the increasing costs is the kid's cafe that provides nutritious meals for kids in need.

The budget for the program increased by 47% this year to supply the same amount of food.