Child Death Updates

The death of Kira Tijerina is just one of nearly a dozen child killings since 2007.

Eleven children in less than a year and a half... All but one died allegedly by the hands of someone they trusted.

We first gave you updates on the cases last september... But since then a lot has changed.

Update: Tthe Texas County District Attorney's office says Ggerardo Cardenas pleaded guilty to murder of his three month old daughter Karina Gomez.

He will be sentenced for the crime on April 25th at 1:30 in Guymon.

Update: Devin Jones has been indicted on charges of physical and sexual abuse, resulting in the death of his 6 month old daughter Keyona.

A trial date has not been set, and detectives tell us they are still waiting on forensic evidence.

Update: Trail dates are still pending for Michael Garrard and Mario Torres... Both are charged with killing their girlfriends children.

Update: Joshua Scott Diehl was indicted just over two weeks ago for the murder of his two month old son Joseph Diehl Hhart.

This case is still pending on forensics before a trial is started.

Update: Jason Mills is behind bars tonight... Faced with the murder of his girlfriends seven year old son...

The case is still under investigation.

Update: Severo Rodriguez was shot to death next to his uncle and older brother who survived the attack.

Tonight, the two brothers police say were involved are behind bars..

Marcus Portillo is charged with murder while his brother Gonzalo Portillo is charged with tampering with evidence.

They are expected to be indicted this fall.

Police say the more information they can get on these cases... The easier they can solidify their cases and get justice for the children who suffered.

If you have any information on one of these crimes, call your police department.