Food Stamp Demands Increase In the Panhandle

Noelia Ryenoso
Noelia Ryenoso
Nellie Ramon
Nellie Ramon

Over half of Texas households might be eligible for food stamps. Including many here in the Panhandle.  But most people do not know they qualify.

That's what an outreach worker at the High Plains Food Bank is saying.

American families are having a harder time making ends meet due to rising costs.

And a USDA $5 million Food Stamp Grant is allowing regions like the Panhandle to hire new outreach coordinators to sign people up for food stamps.

A mother of four boys, Noelia Ryenoso says, "If someone's gonna help me then it will be very helpful. It will make it a bit easier on me because we're barely making it."

She says while she has several jobs her family is still struggling, "Yes, because everything goes to our high bills, our high gas, the food everything. All the money we're making is going to bills."

Because she was working Reynoso tells us it was not until two days ago she took a chance and applied for assistance.

And like Noelia there are many struggling families who don't realize they qualify for food stamps.

And that is why one food bank outreach coordinator is traveling across 27 counties in the Panhandle.

Nellie Ramon says, "They don't apply for food stamps either becuase they are embarrassed, there's a stigma or they just don't know how to. But we would like to give them assistance so they can free up that food for somebody else who doesn't qualify."