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Woman Says Homeless Disrupting Her Neighborhood

Stephanie Sawyer Stephanie Sawyer
Ellen Kelly Ellen Kelly

They are reportedly loud and disruptive late into the night, leading to sleepless nights for several residents nearby. We are told vagrants are taking over a back lot between W. 11th and W. 10th in Amarillo.

Stephanie Sawyer says not only are they loud into the early morning hours, they are also crude.  She says " they make a lot of noise and sexual comments, they've shown their privates to me."

She says that has happened twice. Sawyer says they also are using the back alley as their bathroom, and dig in the dumpster, throwing trash everywhere. She says "I've tried calling the cops, but nothing has been done."

Her landlord says she has also had some problems. Ellen Kelly says "we have locked fences now because we've had some theft and arson."

Now, she says she warns tenants of the people behind the property.

As for Sawyer, she says she wants more from law enforcement.

But police say if anyone sees a criminal offense being committed to call the police department immediately.

Police tell us if people are disturbing the peace, that is disorderly conduct, no matter the time of day, and it should be reported.

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