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Child Abuse Prevention

Author Bill O' Hanlon Author Bill O' Hanlon

Nearly 3000 cases of child abuse are reported in the Texas panhandle every year. That is why several local agencies came together today for the 8th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Conference today at Amarillo College.

The 8th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Conference took place today at the West Campus of Amarillo College lecture hall. Speaker and author Bill O' Hanlon was on hand to talk about post - traumatic success and what we can do to help children deal with traumatic stress. " Some people when they go thru traumas haunt them for years afterwards they have flash backs they do some really not great behavior so we found out that we are treating it better now we sort of discovered that we are treating it better, there is a flip side to it people actually get better through trauma."

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month throughout the country. Local agencies say the best way to prevent child abuse and neglect is to provide parents with the skills and resources they need. approximately 2034 cases of child abuse each year in the panhandle which dropped just short of 2007 those are the latest statistics. If you feel a situation is life threatening always call 911. 

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