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Trucking Companies Rolling Back Speed...Is It Safe For You?

Shallen Nunn Shallen Nunn
Tom Goff Tom Goff
David Mulheim David Mulheim

Trucking companies are lowering speed engine governors on their trucks. That device sets a vehicle's maximum speed.
But as Newschannel 10's Stephanae Benson reports...some drivers are saying they're setting them too low. In fact, one driver says restricting speed limits under the posted limits is a death trap. 

Most drivers are used to trucks having a maximum speed of 65 to 70 miles per hour, now companies are lowering limits to 62 miles per hour to save on diesel fuel, but drivers say it's unsafe. 

"Especially states that automobiles can go 75 miles per hour and trucks can go 55 miles per hour, it's more dangerous, you out to have everybody going the same speed." said Driver, Tom Goff.

"I've seen a lot of people rear end trucks from the different speed limits." Another Driver, David Mulheim said.

But there has not been any real evidence that accidents on  highways increase or decrease from varying speed limits. And not all drivers agree on the issue, Shallen Nunn says the lower speed limits are needed. 

"Whenever you're in a congested area, it's better to go 62, 60,'s been a rule of thumb for me to go at least 5 miles lower than the regulated speed." 

Nunn says with ten years on the road he has seen many drivers going too fast.

"Some drivers from what I see, really, really, need to be regulated."

Drivers also say lowering the speeds interferes with the flow of traffic and could really slow down delivery times. We attempted to call the Department of Public Safety for a response, but did not receive an answer by news time.

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