Throwing Out Trash the Wrong Way

CFL's aren't the only household items you may be throwing away incorrectly.

Nail polish, pool chemicals, paint... They are all things you may have in your home, but may not be disposing of correctly.

First... A staple for most women, nail polish or remover.. They are actually suppose to be put in hazardous waste collection.

That's because they are toxic, flammable, and an irritant.

Thinking of laying out as warm weather blows in... If you are getting the pool ready.. Be careful with pool cleaners like chlorine or muriatic acid..

They are also considered hazardous waste products, because they are corrosive and toxic.

Also, as summer gets closer... You may be finding more ants around the house... And ant and roach killers are also hazardous waste.

Thinking of remodelling?

Don't just toss out your left over paint... If you used latex or water based... Let it dry out then you can toss it.

But if it is rust paints, oil based or enamel... All are flammable and toxic... So should be thrown in with hazardous waste.

Something else that you should allow to harden before you stick it in the garbage... Car wax... It may give your car a shinny look... But may be combustible.

If you shined your shoes for easter sunday... Make sure you know where the polish is... Because it's toxic and should also be with hazardous waste.

You may be wondering how to schedule hazardous waste pickup..

The City of Amarillo does not handle hazardous waste, but you can call the regional office of Environmental Consumer Health Protection at 806-797-4331.