Amarillo Shoppers Search For Deals At Discount Stores

Leslie Sims
Leslie Sims
Joe Murray, Fiesta Foods Store Manager
Joe Murray, Fiesta Foods Store Manager

High fuel prices are fueling sales at local discount food stores. That's what one store manager says he's seeing at a local discount food store.

This is not her usual supermarket, but Leslie Sims says by shopping around and looking for deals...she's saving money.

"To help cut some costs down I shop around and this place is convenient and I can run over here on my lunch hour and pick things up at a really good price."

Other shoppers tell me they travel across town to find the deals. A new trend in amarillo where shoppers are pinching pennies and turning to local discount stores for lower prices.

"We've seen a dramatic increase in sales." says Fiesta Foods Store Manager, Joe Murray.

Murray says the the reason sales have dramatically increased is because people can get a carton of eggs for a $1.50, two loaves of bread for a $1 and 2 gallons of milk for $5."

"Plus with our aggressive price purchasing program, everyday low prices and high quality,  and service we are equal to if not better than the big box stores."

Sims says people are so concerned about the economy many say spending has been tight.

"It's very important. We're all trying to watch our dollars, even our change..that adds up. So I'm just trying to cut corners wherever I can."

Other types of discount retail stores like Ross and T. J. Maxx are seeing an increase in sales too.