Saving Money at the Pump

Joe Liles
Joe Liles

So how can you get more bang for your buck at the pump? There are several tips to help ease the pressure of high gas prices.

It cost the average person making minimum wage, more than eight hours of working to fill up a fifteen gallon tank.

For someone who's retired.... They are feeling the same pinch.

Joe Liles remembers the good days.... When gas was about 20 cents a gallon... But those days are over.

"You know when you are on a certain salary, you wonder what is going to take place. I know I have already heard people say they can't afford the gas to go to work. But i can stay with it, I'm 75 so I only have a few more years." Liles says.

Even though he has a good attitude about it... Liles is taking serious measures to save money.

He has removed the third seat from his car to get rid of some weight. He also says he looks for cheaper prices at the pump and doesn't just go for convenience.

"I drive a ways from the house, it's about 10 or 12 blocks, to get cheaper gas. I've got gas closer to me but the place I get it at - I save about 10 cents a gallon."

Experts say more affluent areas of town have higher gas prices. We checked around amarillo, here's what we found was the average for some bigger streets in the city.

We found a 20 cent jump between the lowest and highest amounts.

For Liles... He says he knows the cost will just continue to set new records... So he will just do the best he can.

"I just try and keep my car in shape, and the air pressure in the tires right and everything, so, do the best you can."

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