Celebrating Easter at The Cross in Groom

Low temperatures and drizzling rain were not enough to keep some away from attending Easter services at the cross in Groom Sunday morning.  Early risers tell us they visit the stations of the cross to remind them of Jesus' sacrifice.

And they say what better way to spend Easter morning than at the stations recreating the first easter.

Braving wind, rain, and cold, worshippers of all denominations spent time in a sunrise service, and then, with reverence, took a walk outside, remembering what Easter represents.  Wendel Reeves, pastor of Groom United Methodist Church, says "He promised us he was coming back."

Others were simply traveling through the area, not even realizing it was Easter sunday, until the cross caught their eye from the highway.

We are told it is not uncommon for truck drivers passing through on their routes to stop at the stations and take a moment to worship and reflect.