Are you at Risk For Computer Vision Syndrome?

If you spend three or more hours in front of the computer everyday you might be at a risk for Computer Vision Syndrome.

Today the American Optometric Association is warning computer users to be aware of the side effects of computer use.

A local woman who started having eye problems because her job required her to be on the computer all day.

Karri Mcpherson says her tention headaches were so bad she finally had her eyes checked. It turned out she needed glasses.

She says, "It really helped because my headaches have gone away and some days after a long it might cause some tension but nothing like it was before."

A local optometrist says he sees patients with computer vision syndrome come in everyday.

Dr. James Fitch, "Common, common occurance. People come in and say I'm having difficulty seeing, blurred, near blurred vision. And you ask do you sit at a computer and the answer is frequently yes."

Dry eyes, eyestrain, neck and backaches, light sensitivity and fatigue are some of the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Doctor Fitch tells us in some cases glasses, especially for the computer, can help.

"We do that frequently especially if people are in a cubicle, so you don't need to see far distances."

But he says glasses are not for everyone.

If you spend time at the computer make sure to keep your monitor low to prevent tilting your head up, keep eye drops at your desk to keep your eyes moist, and take breaks.