Amusement Park Admission Costs Up

Be prepared to open your wallet a little wider this summer because local entertainment businesses are passing the buck onto you.

Newschannel 10 went to opening day at Wonderland Park to find out why the owners say admission prices are going up.

Wonderland Park owner Paul Borchardt says the cost of everything is going up and as a result he has no choice but to make financial adjustments.

For Norma Ortega money is tight and she says she's worried she will not be able to make as many trips to the park with her children this year. "We usually go about four or five times a year probably we're not going to be able to do it that much we'll probably go once or twice if possible."

But she says wonderland park is a cheaper alternative to driving south to the bigger amusement parks.

"We're not going to be able to and that's bad on the kids too you know, we wanted to take them to san antonio, fiesta texas and with the prices it makes it harder on the parents."

Borchardt tells me he wishes he did not have to change anything.

He says, "It makes you feel sick. You don't have any choice if you're going to stay in business you have to raise prices to stay with it."

Borchardt says the most dramatic cost increase is labor with a 40% jump in minimum wage from last year.

We called around to local businesses and Sports World tells us the price for a single go kart ride is increasing by fifty cents this year.