Recall RoundUp, March 21st

Two major recalls we told you about earlier in the week had one company asking for millions of toys back. 

Two recalls by Mega Brands highlighted received a lot of publicity this week. They asked you to take their Magnaman action figures, and their Magtastik and Magnetix junior toy sets away from your children. In both products, magnets can fall out. If your child swallowed them, they could attract inside of the body, and block or puncture an intestine. They sold from January 2005 through December 2007.

Galison Mudpuppy recalled their Wire-o bound journals and calendars. They have too much lead in the paint. They sold from August 2003 through last December. 

You may have bought for your children one of these toy puzzle vehicle sets on QVC.
Made by Merchant Media Corporation, they also have too much lead in the paint. They sold from September 2002 through last December.

Salton Incorporated recalled these electric toasters. The toaster can turn on with-out bread in the slots. This could cause it or anything touching it to catch fire. They sold from January 2000 through last December.

All of these products were made in China.