New Red Light Camera Concerns

City Traffic Engineer Taylor Withrow
City Traffic Engineer Taylor Withrow

Less people are injured at intersections where red light cameras are in place, but the number of accidents do not go down. That's according to a new federal study. 
The intersection with the most accidents and injuries by far is at Pierce and S.E. 11th. That intersection has on average 12 accidents a year, with about 5 serious injuries. The city Traffic Engineer, Taylor Withrow says they hope to see a 20 to 30 percent reduction in accidents and injuries with the program.

Dallas recently took some of their red light cameras down because they say they were working too well. 

"Dallas' problem is money and they're not generating enough revenue to justify having all this infrastructure in place and I do worry about that here. The idea is safety if you run out of money that's great, that means they're working, but it also means you can't afford to keep them up."  said Withrow.
He also says the city does have the option to change where they place the cameras in the event another intersection becomes a safety issue. 

Amarillo residents will soon start seeing the effects of the red light program. During the initial construction phase of the red light camera program Amarillo motorist may receive a citation in the mail.

Withrow says "approximately a 30 day phase in which if you run a red light and your caught by the cameras, you'll receive the number citation with the pictures, but they'll be no fine attached to it." 

Withrow continues after the month long pilot phase, residents who run a red light will receive an actual ticket for 70 dollars. The city will begin putting the cameras up at 5 major intersections in Amarillo with the highest amount of accidents next month, and they want residents to be prepared for the transition. 

"The issue is safety if we can get you to comply with the red light without a fine great. That's why we feel that we can give you thrity days to get used to the fact there's a camera at this intersection we want you to stop at the red."