Update: Hall County Courthouse Troubles

Precinct 2 Commissioner, Terry Lindsey
Precinct 2 Commissioner, Terry Lindsey
Precenct 4 Commissioner, James Fuston
Precenct 4 Commissioner, James Fuston

Despite turning down state money Hall County still plans to repair their courthouse.    
Commissioners say their immediate plan of action is to get the historic courthouse up to code. 
They have two items on their agenda. First, to put in new fuses boxes, and to rewire all the lines that enter the building on the fourth floor, and to install breaker boxes. They are also looking to accept bids to get rid of the bats. This comes after a majority vote against an emergency state grant for construction documents to renovate the building. 

"Before the last week meeting I had received 44 phone calls for people that were against it, and I received 5 from people who were for it." said Precinct 2 commissioner, Terry Lindsey.

Precenct 4 commissioner, James Fuston who also voted against the grant says the county simply couldn't afford the project. 

"We're talking 2, 2 .5 million possibly 3, that we'd have to come up with in the county. We are a agriculture county, we have no gas, no oil, no wind power and we have taxed our ranchers and farmers til they are about taxed out." 

Some say the commission's decision to make only needed repairs is just a band-aid and not a solution. County Clerk, Raye Bailey, says if people experienced what she does every day, they would probably be in favor of the renovation, even if that means higher taxes.

"The bats are, it's just horrible, just horrendous whenever you come into the courthouse and the electrical problems, we've got wires all over our floors."

Bailey says in the 15 years she's worked at the courthouse she hasn't seen any safety improvements, and if they do not make the repairs a lot more is at stake. 

"If this office burns down, it's going to burn a lot of records, marriage, death, birth, probate dd-214 and all of that. And it will take a lot of money to reconstruct all those records."

Commissioners will discuss the issue once again tomorrow. Newschannel 10 will let you know if anything is decided.