Substance Abuse Shelters in Amarillo Full

No room... The problem some substance abuse shelters in Amarillo are facing this evening.

More men and women in Amarillo are seeking help for substance abuse, but there's not enough room.

In fact two women's shelters I spoke with are having to turn away people trying to get in their programs.

One reason why shelters are to capacity..

Diann Gilmore with Downtown Women's Center says, "This is not a quick fix disease, it is something we have to work with the mental health, the physical health, the overall wellness of a person."

The Downtown Women's Center allows women to come into their haven house for about 6 months... From there they go to abba house for up to 2 years. So beds are full for a while.

The same is said for other shelters... Faith City Ministries started their year long program for women just last summer. From the day it began... The response to get in was more than they can handle.

Connie Garcia with Faith City Ministries says, "We filled up right away, we filled up within 30 days and we were full and there are very few places in the state that can accommodate women with children."

Sharon Alexander with Hope for Women says, "What we have here is really not adaquate but we do what we do with what we have to work with."

The shelters help one another by sharing open rooms... But say the increase in those seeking help, is not matched by an increase in shelters.