What is a junk vehicle?

Amarillo Resident Larry Grooms
Amarillo Resident Larry Grooms
Amarillo Building Official Scott McDonald
Amarillo Building Official Scott McDonald

Hundreds of Amarillo residents are in violation of a municipal code for having junk vehicles in their yard. 
What you think is junk and what the law says is junk may be two different things. 

"They're telling me I have a junk vehicle in my driveway and I don't it's not junk. Just because it's not tagged and stickered doesn't mean it's junk." said Larry Grooms an Amarillo resident who was recently cited.

According to the City of Amarillo's municipal code the truck is junk because it's parked in the driveway without current license or inspection. But, if a vehicle looks like junk that doen't mean it is junk.

"We're not doing it on the basis of the appearance of the vehicle, ultimately we have written up vehicles that are very nice and classic automobile, and junk automobiles and newer automobiles, we're following the statutes that are in place," said Amarillo Building Official Scott McDonald.
Once Grooms received his letter stating he was in violation he quickly complied, but not without putting up a fight.

"They are going too far. It seems like they are targeting old people and poor people, if you had money you'd have it tagged and stickered. You shouldn't have to get rid of it becuase the city tells you you have to. If it's junk. It's junk, but I don't have a junk vehicle."

But, McDonald says that's not the case, "we're not trying to create a hardship for anyone. So going back to i'm going to do this or that, we're permitting extensions, we're trying to identify all of the problems not necessarily to remove peoples vehicles."
McDonald says the intent is to gain voluntary compliance with the law. And that's exactly what Grooms violation accomplished , he purchased antique tags and is now in compliance with the law.