Small Town Success-Texico Wolverines

Already in this season alone, the Texico Wolverines have pulled in three state titles, and one runner-up.

Two of those teams are back to back champions, and what's even more impressive at a school of Texico's size the athletes must be shared from sport to sport.

"We understand that during volleyball season, it's volleyball season, and when it's basketball it's basketball. We've done a good job of sharing the girls and allowing them to have some time off at the same time," said Head Girls Basketball Coach Keith Durham.

Both Coach Durham, and head volleyball coach Michael Littlejohn know what it takes, they are both back to back state champions in their sports.

Coach Littlejohn says those high expectations every year work in their favor.

"From day one we knew we had a target on our back. In fact, we put a target on our lockers, because we knew we were number one and everyone was gunning for us again."

It's not just those Lady Wolverines having all the fun either. The Wolverine football team lost a heartbreaker this season in the state championship game, and the boys basketball team secured the third championship of the year for Texico High.

"We get great parental support, and I think that's a big part of it. Parents that push their kids to be a part of something special," added Head Boys Basketball Coach Richard Luscombe.

Many athletes split time between sports, for some that only means one thing, more chances to win, And even if college athletics isn't the ultimate goal, those life lessons are engraved forever.

"It's taught me a lot of leadership and how to work really hard. Push yourself to the limits. Everything I do schoolwork or getting a job, I'll always do my best and never quit," said Senior Bryn Mayfield with a smole. Mayfield has four state championships through volleyball and basketball.