March Madness Betting

Cory Hunter, Headed to Las Vegas to bet
Cory Hunter, Headed to Las Vegas to bet
Cpl. Jerry Neufeld, APD Crime Prevention
Cpl. Jerry Neufeld, APD Crime Prevention

They head out to the bars to watch the games... They place their bets around the office... Or even catch a flight to bet it all in Vegas. That's right, march madness sends thousands into a frenzy every year.

It's three weeks of everything basketball... And some are hoping they make their own slam dunks.

Whether you are ready to bet big in the city of lights...

Cory Hunter, who's headed to Vegas, "Hopefully we will make more than we have to bet. Probably 50-60 dollars a day. I don't really know how much. It just kinda depends on how things go, how our luck is looking."

Trying your hand at beginners luck..

Nicholas Nickerson, a first time player says, "it just seems like some free money out there I can win."

Or just being competitive with the people you spend most of your day with.

Chris Lucero says, "At work, theres a lot of people up there who will be willing to participate."

There are dozens of reasons why people across the city or around the county are dropping a few dollars on the college sporting event...

Though some are asking is it legal?

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with APD Crime Prevention says, "If I sell every square for a dollar and i don't keep any money and we put all these names out on this big board. Whatever the end of the games is the score, they determine who the winners are. Then it's a perfectly legal operation."

While you aren't in trouble with the law... If you are betting at the office you may be in trouble with someone else.

"Probably the biggest complaint for employers would be employees spending more time looking to see who is winning games." Neufeld says.

That's because experts estimate employers could lose more than 1.5 billion in productivity during the tournament.