FDA Can Not Recall Pet Food One Year Later

Your pet could still be at risk a year after the biggest pet food recall in U.S. history.

The Food and Drug Administration Amendments act of 2007 requires the FDA to set up an early warning system to identify contaminated pet food and to establish ingredent standards.

But the FDA still can not mandate a recall. Instead it is up to the manufacturers of the pet food to do so voluntarily.

A local pet owner says she is unhappy with what has been done so far.

Ericka Turgeon says,"I don't like that the FDA can't regulate it as fast as the manufactuer has to be the one to recall."

Another woman says she was so scared of killing her dogs it was not until recently she stopped cooking their meals.

Charlyn Burchard says, "Well we have many pets and I was scared to death so we basically cooked everything through that whole period of time."