Fugitives Wanted For Alleged Drug Possession, Forgery, Murder

The hunt continues for four fugitives who could still be roaming our streets.

Possessing drugs, forgery, even murder.  Those are just some of the crimes these fugitives are accused of committing.

First is 35 year old Rachelle Flansaas.  She is wanted out of Potter County for allegedly having a controlled substance in a drug free zone.  She is also wanted by Pardons and Paroles for a parole violation and alleged fraud....police say she had been using another person's ID.

Next is 26 year old Robert Horne.  He is wanted by pardons and paroles for an original charge of allegedly possessing a controlled substance.  And out of Potter County for the alleged use of a credit and debit card that is not his.

Next is 30 year old Armando Tinajero.  He is wanted out of Potter County for the alleged manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance.

And finally, 31 year old Amador Lomeli...wanted out of Potter County for allegedly murdering a man at Buster's Lounge last August.

Every call to CrimeStoppers is anonymous.  That number is 374-4400.

If your information leads to an arrest, you could earn up to three hundred dollars.