Emergency Care For Panhandle Improving

Gwen Campbell, Trauma Center Nurse
Gwen Campbell, Trauma Center Nurse
Tregg Manning, Vice President of Business for Med-Trans
Tregg Manning, Vice President of Business for Med-Trans

Emergency medical air transportation for the Panhandle is preparing to get even better.

Northwest Texas Healthcare and Med-Trans Corporation announce today two brand new helicopters are scheduled to arrive April first.

One helicopter is being replaced while the second one is coming with a fully staffed second crew.

Bell Helicopter is providing the Bell 407 and the second is a Eurocopter 135.

This is especially good news for our rural community since response time is crucial in emergency situations.

Trauma Center Nurse Gwen Campbell says, "With a critical trauma injury you want you to get them those patients to a point where they can get a definative care within and hour and because of our geographic area and how spread out everything is sometime you can't do that by ground."

The people at Med-Trans Corporation tell me they are happy to be a part of a team that provides such excellent trauma care.

Vice President of Business for Med-Trans Tregg Manning says, "Providing critical care to the rural communities is extremely important, it's all about the golden hour and getting these patients to the level of care that they need to have a better outcome and save their lives.

The new helicopters include night vision goggles, satellite tracking, and automated maps to make the flight run more smoothly.

An Aircraft Paramedic tells me car accidents especially during the summer is the number one reason for needing the air transport.