Teenagers Raid Medicine Cabinets, Take Drugs to School

Cpl. Bill Leonard, Amarillo Police Department
Cpl. Bill Leonard, Amarillo Police Department

If you have prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet, you may want to consider keeping track of how many pills are in those bottles.

The Amarillo Police Department says the number of teenagers abusing prescription pills is on the rise in our area.

We are told they raid their family's or friend's medicine cabinet or sometimes even use their own medication to take to school...either to get high or sell to friends.

What often happens is whoever takes the pills feels sick and reports to the school nurse. That visit to the nurse usually reveals which drugs have been used.

The police department says kids just do not realize how much harm they are doing to their bodies with these drugs.

Cpl. Bill Leonard of APD says the medications they see most often brought to schools are for pain, anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorder.

For parents, Leonard says be snoopy.

Go through your kids things to make sure none of your medication has ended up in their hands.