Kidney Disease Can Go Undetected

It can be a deadly disease and many people do not know they have it.

In observance of World Kidney Day NewsChannel 10 found out why screening for kidney disease is the only way to detect it.

Blood pressure checks and urine screening are necessary to detect kidney disease because symptoms often go unnoticed.

Warning signs include puffiness around the eyes, joint swelling, shortness of breath, and high blood pressure.

A local veteran caught his kidney problems early. He says he is lucky and warns other diabetics to be aware they are at an increased risk.

Carlos McLemore says, "If you're diabetic then you need to especially watch it because that can effect everything else that's going on in your body, not only kidneys, heart, eyes, right down the line."

Kidney disease can affect anyone but those most likely to have the disease are older, are diabetics, have high blood pressure, or a family history.

If you are an African American, Hispanic , Asian and Pacific Islander or American Indian your are also at a greater risk.

Nearly 3,000 West Texans are undergoing kidney dialysis treatment right now.

And last year there were 850 kidney transplants.

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