Dental Implants Could Contain Lead

Dr. Richard Smith
Dr. Richard Smith
Dr. Douglas Lewis
Dr. Douglas Lewis

Dental implants can contain harmful levels of lead and the American Dental Association warns you that these products are usually made in Mexico, India, and China. 
If you've had work done in a foreign country or have foreign products in your mouth. The A.D.A. wants you to see a dentist to make sure you are not at risk of lead exposure. 

"When you step outside of the united states you don't have many assurances on what kind of care you're going to get." said Amarillo Dentist, Dr. Richard Smith.
It's the same for Dentists who outsource work to foreign labs to make crowns, veneers, and bridges. Currently the A.D.A. is investigating these products after a Ohio woman became ill from a product containing lead that was traced back to china.
Dr. Smith says there are a couple of question you can ask to make sure your not exposed. 

"Do you use a certified dental laboratory? Are your materials certified by the American Dental Association?"
He adds make sure you ask for products with noble metal and  problems with your dental work could be a sign something is wrong. 
Local Neurologists, Dr. Douglas Lewis says new research is being done to show how long term lead exposure links to brain damage.

"When you talk about neurology and lead is distinctly harmful. It causes neurologic dysfunction and it cause what appears to be psychiatric dysfunction in people who are acutely intoxicated." 

Dr. Smith says Texas Panhandle residents shouldn't worry too much. If you've had work done here or your products have come from a Texas laboratory they are probably safe. Texas is one of three states that regulates their dental labs.

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