Operation Hungry Gorilla

An area sports team gives back to the community this evening, just hours before they hit the road for a major playoff push.

"Operation Hungry Gorilla" is responsible for 3,000 lbs. of food this year alone to help the High Plains Food Bank.

Throughout this hockey season, the Amarillo Gorillas have hosted food drives, and volunteered time at the food bank. Because of their efforts, many area citizens had the chance for a meal.

"3,000 pounds is roughly 1,800 meals that can be served through the 29 counties of the Texas Panhandle. It's a tremendous amount when you serve the actual meals with the food provided," said Zack Wilson of the High Plains Food Bank.

Right now the Gorillas are figting for playoff life, and are at a crucial part of the season.

But that doesn't stop them from fulfilling a major goal. To be a part of the community that loves their home-town hockey team.

"The community is so great all year long, it's always nice to give back however we can. With us coming from all over North America, it's a way for us to buy into the community and become a part of them," said Chad Grisdale with a smile. Grisdale is a Defender for the Gorillas.

He says with the action heating up on the ice, these community events can be a nice relief.