Will and Estate Planning

The death of a loved one is a time of loss and mourning.  Along with the grieving process, those left behind must also deal with the financial affairs and property issues of the deceased.  Why complicate things for your loved ones after your death?  At the Blackwell Law Firm, we believe that everyone should have a will that spells out their testamentary intentions.  At it simplest, a will should state who shall manage the affairs of the estate, how bills are to be paid, and how property shall be distributed.

Planning for your estate is not a difficult process.   One reason people avoid planning for their estate is that they are afraid of the costs.  Our goal is to make estate planning affordable and accessible to everyone.

Estate planning, however, is more that just about disposing of assets and dealing with financial affairs after death.  There are also important issues such as guardianships for minors and incapacitated adults.  There are also important legal documents such as living wills, powers of attorneys, etc., that can help deal with the legalities of managing matters during someone's lifetime when they can no longer manage matters themselves - avoiding costly and sometimes contentions legal disputes.

At the Blackwell Law Firm L.L.P we believe that everyone should access to basic and fundamental estate planning.  For this reason, we provide a free confidential consultation to discuss your will and estate needs.  Please call us at (806) 331-3130.

A brief glossary of common estate planning terms

Ten common situations where will is helpful