Traffic Tickets

Welcome to the Blackwell Law Firm L.L.P. TRAFFIC TICKET page.  While most drivers in the Texas Panhandle are safe and courteous drivers, even the safest of drivers sometimes get a heavy foot driving through our wide-open spaces.  The fact is, even good drivers occasionally get tickets.  What are you to do if you get a ticket?  Can an attorney help?

The goal of the Blackwell Law Firm L.L.P. is to prevent one bad driving incident from adversely affecting someone's good driving history.  We will aggressively represent the rights of our clients, providing them with legal options to deal with an unfortunate situation.  It is important to find out your legal rights, especially when you consider the high cost of auto insurance and the impact that even one ticker or traffic conviction can have on insurance premiums for months to come.
What might seem like simple and routine traffic matter can have profound implications over time. CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:

  • Traffic Convictions can dramatically increase the cost of auto insurance
  • Multiple convictions can lead to the denial of insurance coverage
  • Multiple convictions can lead to the revocation of your drivers license
  • Traffic Convictions can adversely impact your credit rating, employment opportunities, creditworthiness for loans, etc.

The Blackwell Law Firm L.L.P. provides a free consultation to discuss your ticket or traffic citation.  We handle all traffic tickets and citations in all jurisdictions throughout the State of Texas.  To discuss your traffic matter, please call us (806) 331-3130.