Consumer Law and Bankruptcy

Welcome to the Blackwell Law Firm L.L.P. CONSUMER LAW and BANKRUPTCY page, providing general information about federal and state law designed to protect consumers and debtors.   This information is not designed to substitute for specific legal advice. Our office does provide a free consultation to all Texas residents to discuss how the laws relate to their individual circumstances. To set up a free consultation, please call us (806) 331-3130 or you can call our 24-hour debt information hotline at (806) 331-4LAW (331-4529).  Click on any of the following:

Bill Consolidation. (Chapter 13)
Find out about your rights under federal law (11 U.S.C. sec. 1301 et seq.) to stop repossessions, foreclosures, and creditor abuse while repaying your creditors with one monthly payment on terms affordable to you and your family. Not a loan or a grant - these are rights under Federal Law!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
Are you falling further and further behind? Are you drowning in debt? If you cannot afford to provide for the needs of your family and still pay your bills, find out about how you can obtain a fresh financial start while exempting and protecting your property and other important assets.

Consumer Rights.
Information on various consumer protection laws protecting debtors, borrowers, and consumers.

A quarterly web-publication of the Blackwell Law Firm L.L.P., designed to provide debtors and consumers with local, regional, and national economic and financial news that impacts the lives of real people.
Sample Cases.
Brief sample of some of the bankruptcy and consumer related cases handled by Troy Blackwell over the last few years.

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