WT Students on Alert

WT Police Chief Shawn Burns
WT Police Chief Shawn Burns

Students at West Texas A&M University are being told to pay more attention to their surroundings.

And police are beefing up security after two alleged assaults take place over the weekend.

Police are warning students tonight to meet in a public place with people they meet on the internet and remember that alcohol can impair one's judgement.

WT Police Shawn Burns says, "They always need to be aware of it, we hope it will never happen here but obviously it does. All be it less than some institutions but it does happen here and we want them to be aware of their safety and play that active role and take charge of their own safety because they do control a lot of that."

Students who live on campus say knowing a sexual assault may have occurred in Jarrett Hall hits a little too close to home.

Jarrett Hall resident, Allison says, "I do worry about things like that, especially at night. But luckily we have the doors locked at midnight and that makes me feel better but sometimes it is kinda in the back of my mind."

A second assault was filed with WT police, this one an alleged physical altercation that took place at an off campus fraternity house.

Police are still investigating both incidents tonight.

Burn says the alleged sexual assault case is moving faster since only two people were involved...

And there are still several people to interview, since the alleged physical assault occurred during a party attended by several people.

Neither suspect is charged with anything at this time, but that could change when police hand their information over to the Randall County District Attorney.