VA Health Care Gets a New Set of Wheels

It's not "Pimp My Ride", but residents of the VA Health Care System will be just as excited to cruise around town in their new wheels.

Steve, the veterans of the VA Health Care System use their bus to get around Amarillo, but until today that was becoming more and more difficult.

The previous bus is 13 years old, and continuously wearing down and breaking.

The veterans rely on the bus for so much, the worn down bus was becoming a major issue.

"Some of our veterans were not even able to participate in nursing home recreational outings, because the bus didn't work correctly. It's very important that they remain active and participate in activities," said Linda Woodward, Public Affairs Officer for the VA.

In the past, the health care system could depend on having half of the cost paid for through internal funds, but they can no longer afford to do that. So, for the new bus volunteers went around town and covered the $75,000 bus completely through donations.