Two Alleged Assaults at WT

WT Police Chief Shawn Burns
WT Police Chief Shawn Burns

Be on alert...that's the message coming from West Texas A&M Officials after two alleged assaults over the weekend.

An alleged sexual assault took place at Jarrett hall. The other, an alleged physical assault was at an off campus fraternity house.

Right now police want students to re-evaluate the situation they put themselves in...

WT Police Chief Shawn Burns says, "The main thing we want them to know is always be aware that safety starts with them. They have to play an active role in their own safety. They have stay aware of everything that is going on and they have to know who they are hanging out with."

Burns is warning students to trust their instincts and recognize verbal or emotional cues that a person could turn violent. We do know at this time, both alleged victims knew their attackers.