Auto Burglars Hit Church Parking Lots on Easter

Jeffery Reed, Pastor of Arts and Programming
Jeffery Reed, Pastor of Arts and Programming
Cpl. Brian Thomas
Cpl. Brian Thomas

You might think of the easter bunny or coloring eggs, but crooks think of church. That's right, holy places are hit hard, with auto burglaries on Easter, according to the Amarillo Police Department.

Several churches saw their parking lots littered with glass last year. And for those who weren't hit... They still sat up and took notice.

Hillside Christian Church wasn't targeted last year... But they took precautions anyways..

Pastor of Arts and Programming Jeffery Reed says, "We've got about 25 cameras all around the outside of the property. Basically every square foot of the property is covered. In fact right now we are on two different camera's. We just want it to be a secure place."

The church also hires four officers to patrol every Sunday. They aren't the only ones with people cruising the parking lots.

Saint Stephen's Church, which had several auto burglaries last easter has now coordinated a group of men to patrol the parking lot.

Cpl. Brian Thomas says, "What two times of the year do people go to church, Easter and Christmas. Like I said these people aren't stupid, they know, and that's why you don't leave anything in your car. I don't care where you go."

Cpl. Thomas says these criminals aren't just one time crooks. In fact in the last five weeks, police have picked up two different auto burglars three different times.

For Reed, he hopes the warning of burglaries won't keep people away from church. "A slight fear that something might happen, that they wouldn't let that hold them back from going to church on sunday, especially on easter sunday."

Easter is just the start of crooks looking for easy targets in the spring and summer.

Police warn drivers to know thieves are on the look out at parks and big events in the summer when they know people will leave valuables in the car.