Study Raises Concerns About Panhandle Drinking Supply

New concerns today about our nation's drinking water.
A new study says you may be consuming small amounts of pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs when you take a sip of tap water. The investigation reveals at least 41 million Americans are drinking water laced with drugs like anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and Ibuprofen.
Researchers say the amounts found are very small and pose no short term dangers, but no one knows what the long term consequences may be. Now the pressure will be on to find out whether those trace amounts are enough to cause any harm.

The safety of the Texas Panhandle water supply is not in question according to experts. They says drugs found in the water supply in this study are from wastewater and about 90 percent  of the panhandle drinking water is from groundwater and wells. 

Amarillo's Utilities Director, Emmett Autrey says the wastewater that may get into our supply it's diverted for industrial use. So chances are you are not getting traces of pharmaceuticals or over the counter medicine when you drink your eight glasses a day. 

"Amarillo is very fortunate to be located way up on the Canadian River with a few small towns in new mexico above us we're not putting but just a small amount of affluent in the Canadian River ourselves and then they're no big contributors upstream to influence is from that direction." 

Autrey says people living downstream in the southern part of state are more at risk of having traces of pharmaceutical in their water supply because there's more wastewater run-off finding it's way into the drinking supply.